Dosti Shayari Messages And Shayari Jokes

Every Person Do Faults, Some Will Apologize For Faults And Some Aren’t.When A Person Is Ashamed About His Fault, Then He Say Sorry.Sorry Means Grief About Whatever Done.There Are A lot of Ways To Say Sorry To Everyone.The Best Medium Of Saying Sorry Is Mobile Sms Statements.
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There Are Different types Of Sorry Sms Messages Like:

1.For Girlfriend:In Recent Scenerio, Majority Of Boys Have Girlfriend.And There Are So Many Disputes Between That company.Boy Normally Send Sorry Sms Message To His Girlfriend For Particular Issue.

2.For Sister: Brother And Sister Is quite Holistic Relationship.And Has got Dispute Between Them, When Fault Is Of Brother He then Sends Sorry Sms To His Uncle.

3.For Friend:Friendship Could be the Relationship, In Which Love And Disputes Are Normal.After Fighting And Disputes, They’ll Say Sorry To their Friends.

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