Gmail Killer To Be Launched By Facebook

Google is probably looking behind their back right now, since Facebook has launched an email assault to Gmail services. In the Facebook offices in Palo Alto, California, they released a messaging service specifically designed to compete against Google Gmail. Inside the company, the service is allegedly referred to as the Gmail killer.
But look beyond simple email service, reports Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg. Do not believe that the most recent messaging service will be email. He explains that Facebook‘s new service is much more closely modeled after a chat client than it’s not after an email client. He feels that emails are not in real time, may what messaging needs to be, to compete today. Zuckerberg further explains that email doesn’t have to be sent at light speed, but he points the time difference in texting and IM-ing on cellular phones as compared to emails.

The new email service will use as the address, but it’s getting rid of do more than just compete with Gmail. It’s going to also offer three other services not normally associated with email those being a social inbox, for friends’ messages, a conversation history across the various platforms and seamless messaging through various platforms, to include texting and SMS. As Andrew Bozworth, product manager, states, people should find a way to share however they want.

The new email service will allow attachments, and can connect disparate messages sent from all of the ways they are sent, whether that be from their phone, laptop or Pc. This is accomplished with the use of an application that routes all this data to your Facebook mailbox. The team engaged on this program is home loan houses engineering team ever assembled by Facebook, according to Bozworth.

In the meantime, Google and Facebook fight for the domination from the Internet world, while AOL, the original email titan, is actually seeing light of day once more. Since it merged with Time Warner, AOL is attempting to re-ignite its user base and reputation with something they call Project The phoenix area. This includes the overhaul as well as email service online, to keep up with the newer email service organizations. Phoenix isn’t for you to fully launch until sometime in 2011, market, they are have a beta test available for getting a few as well as webmail users now.

In identical shoes manner, fresh message service from Facebook won’t be rolled out right on holiday. They will having a number of users comfortable with beta the system. Zuckerburg doesn’t feel presently there will develop into a great rush for email focuses on.

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