UTI issue is not just an infection it is also the bacterial growth that can harm many other body parts like bladder, kidney and intestine. The people who suffer from UTI always get discomfort by pains, cramps and burning sensations. This infection is hard to combat as it can grow again easily again and again in the lower urinary tract.

UTI is although not considered to be a serious issue and it is not always needed to consult doctor till the problem gets much severe. In many cases, people usually fight with this medical issue with natural care but it is more helpful for a person if he/she applies some home remedies that can help them remove these bacteria from their body and they can live a healthy life.

Here are some home remedies that always give you best results against UTI and also helps you to reduce the chances of bacterial growth.


1)    Having probiotic foods & Greek yogurt can help

The probiotic foods and Greek yogurt is helpful in fighting UTI bacteria because these elements contain lactobacillus and good bacteria such as streptococcus thermophilus  which are already good in combating intestinal issues but the research says person who is getting UTI infection, again and again, can have these probiotic foods or Greek yogurt to fight the bacteria which can help them get relief from UTI pains.

What you need?   

Probiotic foods (dairy products) or Greek yogurt


Just try to have greek yogurt early in the morning so that it can contribute to the intestine and improve your immune system the good bacteria in it will fight with UTI problem as well.

Similarly having Dairy products in daily diet helps the immune system to fight better with bacteria and it reduces the risk of UTI infection again and again. Dairy products are really helpful in clearing the UTI bacteria.


2)    Cup of marshmallow root tea is beneficial

This method is a blessing for a UTI infected person because of its long past history. Marshmallow root tea has been used for treating kidney stones, urinary tract and stomach issues.

Marshmallow root tea is suitable for soothing the thin line of bladder whereas this tea is also capable of reducing urinating pains, increase fluid of urine and clear bloody urine as well. If you think you do not want to take any antibiotics then this tea is really magical and a perfect treatment for your UTI issue.

What you need?

Marshmallow root and bowl of water


This tea is really easy to make and use it is highly simple but the benefits that come out from the fusion of marshmallow roots and water is highly fruitful in treating your UTI

Take a marshmallow root and crushed it then place it into the bowl

Add some lukewarm water in it say around 1:4 ratio leave the mixture for 4-5 hours and then have the sip of slimy, thick tea several times in a day.


So, if you have UTI then don’t panic just try these remedies and you will get better results for your healthy health.

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