How To Score High in NTS Test

National Testing Service’s tests are most widely conducted and taken in Pakistan. Many organizations and universities have association with NTS in order to get the best of the applicants. If you live in Pakistan, at some point in life you may have to take NTS test. If you are to sit in NTS test, it means there is something important at stake so it is important to be prepared.

NTS tests are not like other school or board exams but are considered very difficult to pass as the extent of your knowledge and skills are scrutinized in them. In this article, we are sharing the best tips to pass and even score in NTS test. Just follow the step by step guide and you will get its reward.

1 –   Know Your Test:

Before you go on doing anything else, you must first know what your test is. You should read about NTS and its products.Then choose the test that fits your category best. For example, if you are applying for undergraduate admission in an NTS associated university, you will most probably prepare for NATof your subject. Once you know your test then comes the details of that test. See past papers of the test. Each test is usually in divided in various parts. For example, in NAT there are four different parts of test. Knowing the structure and format of the test will help you go the right way for preparation. You don’t want to waste your hard work on wrong side.

2 –   Prepare In Advance:

Most students, including me, are very lazy by nature. They always wait till it gets to their throats to prepare for tests. It is recommended that instead of fooling yourself and leaving work to tomorrow start preparing for test prior hand. Gather all necessary material and start working even if a little so.

3 –   Set a Time Table:

If you don’t make a schedule, you will end up wasting a lot of your time. You should make a time table for yourself till the date of the test that you must follow. Divide your whole day into parts and study accordingly. It doesn’t mean to keep studying continuously but there should short breaks after the work of 1 hour or so depending on your stamina.

4 –   Improve your English:

Improving your English is crucial if you wish to score good in NTS. NTS test are composed in English language. There will be analytical sections where you have to brainstorm hard in order to solve the problem. Before that you even need to understand the problem clearly and the problems will in pure English too. The language NTS use, I think even British and Americans will need a dictionary during those tests(figure of speech). In short, strengthen your skills in English language. Other than test, it will also be very useful in your career.

5 –   Get Concepts instead of Memorizing:

NTS tests don’t have a specified syllabus that you can just rote. All NTS tests are conceptual and need sharp concentration to answer solve them. If you are depending your rote method then you may as well give up in advance to save your time and money. The best and only way to prepare is to actually learn what you are studying and get its deepest of the concepts and understanding.

6 –   Set Group Study Sessions:

Group study is very important for a student. You will understand its value if you have attended tertiary (university level) education. You should set group study sessions with your friends who are also preparing for same. There can be a lot of waste of time when friends gather but you have to try hard to avoid that. You can set time, study first and then have enjoyment session. With group study, you learn from each other and get better concepts.

7 –    Look for Teachers of Each Test Category:

NTS tests usually have more than one parts or categories in it. You will know it once you see the format and structure of the test. For example, there will be a section for English, one Analytical and one probably for math or something. You should acquire the help of a teacher for them. You can either join an academy where they have expert teachers or you can get help from someone more educated than you. However, there will be times during your preparation when you will need help of an expert.

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8 –   Keep Testing Yourself:

While you prepare for test, it is recommended to keep testing yourself. After a chapter or so, you can conduct self-tests. You will also find exercise in the NTS book of your product with their solutions. After covering a division if you test yourself, you will know whether you have actually prepared or not. Otherwise moving on to the next part would be a mistake.

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